We believe in expecting more out of the products we do business with. we think a product should both perform seamlessly and delight our sense. Also we all deserve products that help us lead meningful business and minimize on industrial productivity.

In product selection, we are demanding because we know you are, too.


Diesel Generator


Tempest brand diesel generators offer a wide range of choice for their customers: 8 kva to 2000 kva and with manual or automatic starting systems. Perkins & Volvo diesel engines and New age Stamford & Mecc alte alternators are coupled with maximum precision, and mounted on a robust steel fabricated base plate.


Perkins and Volvo are heavy duty, multi cylinder water cooled four stroke compression ignition diesel engines with integral injection, aspiration, filtration starting system and constant speed governor. The standard features include:
  - AMF (Auto Mains Failure) unit.
  - 50 degree Celsius tropical type radiator.
  - Radiator matrix covered by metal mesh to protect against mechanical damage.
  - Anti-vibration mount.
  - Industrial silencer.
  - Flexible exhaust compensator.
The advanced design of the engine block ensures bore integrity is maintained under operation. It also ensures reduction of mechanical noise. Product design and Class A manufacturing guarantee the product’s reliability and durability.

MV Distribution Transformer

-Ground mounted

-Oil immersed transformer

-100kVA to 3150 kVA

-Frequency 50hz-IEC standard


These transformer comply with the following standard:

-IEC 60076
-And CENELEC harmonization

Document HD 428.1 SI: 1992

Cast Resin Transformer

Use with medium voltage power rating up to 3150 kVA insulation voltage up to 12 kV The product is suitable for use with medium voltage, power rating up to 3150 kVA and insulation voltage up to 12 kVA. The windings are made with various shapes of aluminum or copper wire. Each manufacturing stage of the cat coils passes through automated process controls that enable a product with a uniform quality that tolerates the most severe thermal and mechanical stresses. The use of “Step Lap” mitered cores enables losses to be significantly reduced, increase the efficiency of the tans former and guarantees low noise levels.

MV & LV Switchgear

CPL 12

MV Switchgear Assemblies

630 -2500A, 16-25kA 3.3 to 12kV System

CPL 12 is an indoor metal-enclosed switchgear designed in conformity with IEC recommendations for the protection of life and property as well as ease of installation, operation and protecting the environment.

CPL 12 switchgear system comprises of modular cubicles with vacuum circuit breakers.

They can be used to build all type of configuration from 3.6 to 12kV 630-2500A, 16-25kA, CPL 12 meet all the following IEC recommendations.

IEC 60298, 60265, 60129, 60429 & 60056

Busbar Power Distribution Systems

The busbar trunking system was first introduced in America in the 1930s to meet the needs of the high rise buildings and the changing production technologies in factories. The system started to be used in Japan and Europe in the 1950s. It was EAE Elektrik A.S. who started the production and use of busbar trunking systems in Turkey in the 1970s.

Generator Spare Parts

We maintain a comprehensive range of spare parts to ensure we are always “on standby” to provide immediate back up support as required. 

Our “factory” range of finest quality genuine spares is sourced only from the primary global suppliers of those parts (Perkins, Cummins, John Deere and Volvo) in their respective country of origin. 

You can be assured of our pro-activity, reliability and responsiveness for all your spares needs. 

Control Modules

Cross-world is the exclusive distributor of Deep Sea Electronics Plc UK, the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of electronic control modules for generating sets. DSE’s diverse range of products includes specialized single and multi-set control solutions that have been created specifically for the generator industry. DSE has established a unique position in the industry by developing a range of modules that match all the required levels of gen-set control. This enables our customers to select a controller with the correct feature set for each individual application. DSE’s control solutions range from simple Manual and Auto Start Modules for electronic and non-electronic engines, through to multi-set load share systems for complex paralleling applications. DSE products are designed to be simple to install, program & operate. For more details about DSE products please visit DSE website.


50/60 Hz 120VAC-600VAC 30-5000 Amps

Cross-world offers a range of transfer switches in the marketplace and incorporates a solutions-based approach for all applications. Our ATS also offer differentiated features that simplify installation, operation, and system integration; yet are suitable for a wide array of environments from residential, industrial, commercial, and governmental to critical process and life-safety applications.

features include:

- Molded case switch or circuit breaker

- Power circuit breaker

- Contactor based

- Mechanically and electrically operated contactor and/or breaker

- NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X and 12 enclosures


We represent world famous Meccalte Alternators in Bangladesh. They are so designed that they eliminate triple harmonics on the voltage waveform and are optimally designed for trouble-free supply of non-linear loads. The alternators are designed to avoid excessive neutral currents when in parallel with the mains. A fully connected damper winding reduces oscillations during paralleling. This winding with the pitch and carefully selected pole and tooth designs ensure very low waveform distortion. The main stator supplies power via the Auto Voltage Regulator (AVR) unit to the exciter stator with a self excited control system. This exciter rotor output is fed to the main rotor through a three phase full wave bridge rectifier, which is protected by a surge suppressor against surges caused by short circuit. The insulation system of the alternator is Class’H’ with Class’H’ temperature rise.
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